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Alpha Blood

The Battle for Sanguis


story in the making,

tale that in itself will become


Volume II

The Diaeta Assembly

The Diatea Assembly is the follow-up book to Volume I: Facing Recognition. Volume II takes a deep dive into the mysterious world of Alpha Blood, exploring the dead in a way that Volume I only touched upon. It will begin to answer the questions, "What exactly IS alpha blood, who has it, who are the undead, and What is the Diaeta?" This book will provide you with those answers you're looking for and more!

"I seek out what may, I seek out what might.

 I seek out for certain a meal for tonight.

One who now lay their head down for the night.  

One who for certain won't see the sunlight.

Right now they may pray, before morning they'll cry.

For the blood of an Alpha,  

will rain from the sky."

  - A centuries old Bulgarian poem

Alpha Generation:

Born between 2010-2025

Check out some of our early reviews!

L. Henton
-Saginaw, M

It's hard to give a review on a book that hasn't came out yet because I can't say too much. But Vol.1 is a must read. definitely different from most other novels/novellas in the same genre. I was very impressed.

T. Price Jr.
-Seattle, WA

The intricacy and complexities of this series are evident in its plot and unexpected developments. The narrative is masterfully crafted, weaving real-life events with imaginative storytelling. Sometimes, it may blur the lines between reality and fiction, leaving one to ponder its plausibility.

K. Pedersen
- Nashville, TN

As I read, I caught myself repeating, "Oh, I see what you did there!" As a native of Nashville, the story felt almost like a revelation. And yet, it was a work of fiction! My utmost admiration to the writer, C.M. James, who wonderfully intertwines reality and imagination.


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