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We proudly introduce the "Alpha Blood- The Battle for Sanguis," vampire series.
By C.M. James


The Alpha Blood collection is a breath of fresh air for fans of the vampire genre. In this series Vampires aren't romanticized figures but seen as monsters that are capable of wreaking havoc. This book focuses on the evil that is inherent in the vampire. It will be a thrilling read for those looking for a different take on the vampire genre than the norm.


This adaptation blends the classic vampire mythology with the current events of the 21st century.


After Gen Z, comes, Generation Alpha. Those born between 2010-2025.

Mankind has made rapid technological advancements, but these achievements have also brought unintended consequences. Unbeknownst to them it has unwittingly revealed a truth that has been hidden right in front of them all along. Some call it the Upyr, while others refer to it as the "Undead". But, they all know it as the Vampire.

As it gets harder to secretly coexist with humans, their exposure only means they will care less about hiding the secret about their food source. Aided by a handful of traitors within the human race, vampires have orchestrated a scheme so sinister and depraved that it will compel you to cling tightly to your young ones, for the new generation will be the pawns used for the undead to build a formidable army that will be ready to make their move against humans.

But this can not happen until the vampire prophecy is fulfilled and their leader makes his presence known. Their leader is no stranger to the human race as he was once one. His family lineage is that of royalty whose father's rule is well documented throughout history books. But, the sole dilemma lies within their own vampire population, as rumors of a rebellion and whispers of a coupe have been circulating.

Questions remain, will they stay united to carry out their malicious plan? Will they self-destruct? Or, will a vampire on human on vampire war ensue with a dark and uncertain ending?

What makes "Alpha Blood - The Battle for Sanguis" unique is that it is not a telling of the past, although parts of it will make its presence. This story takes place in the current. There are connections between today's events that will leave you questioning the validity of all conspiracies. Whether you believe or not will ultimately be left up to you.

Just know that this is a story in the making. A tale, that in itself, will become. Immortal

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